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Melatonin is an innovative rhythm game from indie developer Half Asleep that tells the story of a pink-hoodie-wearing person's everyday life. Players take over this character during their dreams and play through five different mini-games. This game offers original lo-fi beats, a good soundtrack, simple gameplay, and a unique level progression.


The visuals in Melatonin game for free are quite enjoyable. The cartoonish style creates a dreamy atmosphere with its washed-out shades of pastel pink. Some levels feature the character flying around on a chair eating pizza and doughnuts, while others involve hopping from one giant cell phone to the next as they dream about 'followers'. The graphics are simple but effective in creating an immersive experience. The characters are all simply designed in an anime-style cartoon aesthetic, but they still manage to be expressive and convey emotion. The levels in Melatonin free download are full of bright colors that pop against each other and create a vibrant atmosphere despite the muted tones used throughout. The music is also great, with catchy bops that blend pop and electro that help players get into the rhythm as they make their way through each level.


The gameplay of download Melatonin revolves around pressing the spacebar or directional keys with perfect timing in order to pass each level. As players progress through each night, they unlock more complex patterns which require even more precision if they hope to get perfects. There are also portions when time slows down which can throw off even experienced players if they don't pay attention. The level progression follows a similar pattern to Mario, with different dreams (worlds) each night with multiple stages. The music speeds up as players get better at each level, encouraging them to learn how to count time and master the songs until they can land perfect consistently. While it's simple, it still offers an enjoyable challenge for players looking for something casual but engaging.


Unfortunately, Melatonin Switch game does not offer any online multiplayer capabilities, so gamers are limited to playing alone or with friends in local co-op mode. This is somewhat disappointing as online multiplayer could have taken the game to a whole new level, but the local co-op mode still offers an enjoyable experience for those who prefer to play with friends. While it’s possible to compete against one another by trying for high scores in each level or speedrunning certain levels, there’s no real way for friends or family members to match up online and battle it out against one another for bragging rights or anything like that at this time.


The product does offer some replayability with its 20 stages, but after a while, the repetitive nature of the game may start to wear down players. There are only so many times one can press the spacebar before it gets old. The developers have done a good job of mixing up the pace and visuals in order to keep things interesting, but it's not enough to make Melatonin download game stand out as a truly replayable game. There’s also some incentive in striving for high scores on every level if players hope to achieve top rankings on leaderboards online (if available). However, once people get finished with all 20 levels there isn’t much else besides trying again for better times or the highest scores, which can become repetitive after a while without any real reward other than personal satisfaction from achieving perfection in rhythm games like this one.


  1. How do I play Melatonin?
    Players must hit the spacebar or the directional keys with the right timing in order to progress through the game. There are five different mini-games to master, and players have to prove their mastery by performing all five patterns before moving on to the next night.
  2. Is this game suitable for everyone?
    Although this is a casual game, it requires laser focus to time everything correctly so it may not be suitable for everyone.
  3. Is there any replay value in this game?
    Yes, there is replay value in this game as players can attempt a perfect run after they have completed all 20 levels.
  4. What type of music does Melatonin PC game have?
    The product has some amazing original lo-fi beats that players unlock as they get better at the game. Unlike Guitar Hero, who plays the same song regardless of how players perform, original music changes to correspond to the level of difficulty.
  5. Are there any special features?
    Yes! There are portions when the time slows way down, which seem easy but actually do a good job of throwing off the sense of rhythm. There are also fun levels where players have to time jumps from one giant cell phone to another while dreaming about 'followers'.


Overall, Melatonin now is an enjoyable rhythm game that is sure to keep casual gamers entertained. It offers good graphics and simple yet challenging gameplay that requires players to have a decent sense of rhythm and timing in order to master the levels. Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer mode, so gamers are limited to a local co-op or playing alone. Additionally, the lack of variety in gameplay limits its replay value somewhat. Despite this, game Melatonin is still a great casual game for anyone looking for something fun and innovative.

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